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who are we?

Akcyza-Zone was established in 2008 due to the increased demand of the Customs Agencies’ customers. Since we value the  “Customer comes first” principle, quickly and effectively we emerged in the Customer – Customs Office – Tax Office – Motor Vehicle Department market becoming the biggest Customs Agency of the kind in Warsaw. We have been specializing in this sector for years now!

 what are we dealing with?

In a nutshell?

We deal with comprehensive registration of a vehicle from the European Union and other countries:

  • we file applications and collect excise tax from the customs office
  • we will apply for assigning the EORI number for your company
  • we will translate all the required documents regardless of the language
  • we will make a quotation for the car and recommend appropriate national car test centre to run the required inspection
  • we handle any formalities at the tax office (VAT-23, PCC-3)
  • we reduce recycling fee
  • we register your vehicle with the Motor Vehicle Department and the plates are delivered straight to your office/company/home
  • third party insurance (OC), collision and theft insurance (AC), accident insurance (NNW) at competitive prices
  • we will also register cars from England with the right hand drive


Have you been living abroad? Are you planning to relocate back to Poland? You do not want to pay excise tax? You do not want to pay customs duty? You might not want to pay VAT to the office budget? Avoid high taxes you do not have to pay. Excise duty alone amounts to 3.1% or 18.6% of the market value of the car in Poland

  • fully professional relocation of property (from Switzerland, USA and other countries outside the European Union)
  • exemption from excise duty under Art. 110 and Art. 111 (for the returning nationals and foreigners from the EU)
  • VAT exemption
  • exemption from customs duty
  • deregistration of a car in the country of previous residence
  • Polish plates for foreigners
  • Polish plates for persons staying abroad
  • insurances for foreign registration plates



We do the re-registration of a Polish car to a new owner:

  • We will register a post-leasing car or one bought back from leasing
  • We handle deregistrations
  • We collect old registration documents
  • Document and registration plate duplicates
  • HAKGASVAT annotations in registration documents


We also handle registration of MOTORCYCLES AND QUADS (also with the type-approval for a passenger car).

We handle formalities with the Tax Office:

  • VAT 23
  • Annual tax return forms PIT
  • ZAP-3

In addition:

  • Insurances
  • Recycling fee
  • Expert opinions
  • EuroTax – Vehicle Valuation

We will pick the plates up from your home/company and deliver them back to your home/company.

We provide services for both individual as also business customers.

why are we worth being chosen?lowest prices in Warsaw
  • professional, expert service with many years of experience
  • save the 7 days normally devoted to deal with formalities in offices
  • you won’t have to deal with the officials
  • we will provide you with a free of charge estimation of the excise tax amount without any obligations
  • we will advise you on legal issues regarding tax transactions
  • you will get the cheapest translations of vehicle registration documents
  • you do not even have to come to see us – one phone call and a consultant will come to see you
  • we deliver documents straight to your home
  • fast, professional and all that in one place
  • Why wait ?Trust professionals to deal with your car and spend the saved time with your family!–Special promotional prices for you only on our facebook fun page:


    Kindest regards

    Paulina Wąsowska